PC specs?

i was just wunderung wat r UR PC harware specs?
mine r: 233Mhz Intel Chip and 96Megs of Ram.And i know wat ur thinkin ur thinkin that im cheep but the truth is that this Pc was given 2 me and im getting a iMAC soon.

dualboor abuntu linux/win xp
core 2 duo, 2ghz
2 gigs ram
ati radeon x1600

This has been done about 10 million times before, but:

AMD 64bit 4000+
Asus motherboard with fualty chipfan edition.
Water cooled Pc case with not-watertight reservoir edition.
Basic CPU heatsink /fan held up with paper edition :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. If anyone knows of any small ATX cases that accepts an ATX PSU give me a call :stuck_out_tongue: cause I need to replace may case while keeping my PSU ^