PC too slow for blender?

just downloaded the new Blender Version yesterday and was caught in it quite fast, however after I had done some basic steps and started to create sometin bigger (just a man walking around) I found my computer could not cope with all the information, and that was after I just added the corpus and put some material on it…
I bought a new laptop 2 month ago it is an Intel Centrino Duo 2GHz, 4 GB DDR-2 and a NVidia GeForce Go 9200GS with 256MB…
Is this really not enough for my simple project?
What systems do you work on?
Thanks in advance

My system is way older than yours and has no problems to work with fairly big things - could you tell us more about what you exactly did? It’s hard to judge but the problem might be your modeling…maybe too many vertices or something like that.

Thanks for your fast answer, till the point I could not work anymore I had done the following things:

  1. Created a cube -> Gave him human shapings, arms & legs
  2. Created another cube for the head -> joined both cubes
  3. Created a plate for the guy to stand on
  4. Constrained camera to the guy
  5. Put textures on the guy, noise and scutti or somethin and gave him color
  6. Added a sphere for the eyes and scaled/duplicated it … Then I gave up…

Wie ich gerade sehe bist du aus Wien, dann kannst du ja evtl das Tutorial selber lesen…


I don’t think that you have a hardware problem. I’m on a Dell Inspiron with 1.6 ghz processor (single), 512mb ram, and integrated graphics card (boo!).

FFS, I’m going nuts… just installed it on my 3 years old desktop pc and blender runs perfectly fast… Why???
its even an ATI on the desktop and an NVidia on my laptop…
maybe there are some problems with vista?

Yeah, I can run blender fine, until I started to get up to the 50 - 80MB files, on this 2.4Ghz P4-mobile 512MB of Ram with 64MB ATI Radeon mobile on XP pro or FreeBSD. Needless to day the FreeBSD partition runs a tad bit faster since I have it set up to run Blender.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was vista related.

Surely, there must be some sofware problem. Is the graphic card installed properly? Other OpenGL application works fine?

I have run Blender on my 333Mhz IBM Thinkpad 128Mb. I can’t do large work there, but I can work on basic models and texturing.

Hey Guys, got the problem now, vista lacks opengl driver, so i manually installed another graphik driver, works fine now!
Thx for your helP!

The solution is really to get a Mac. I used PC’s for multimedia until I used a Mac in video production class. I still use a PC, but am now saving up for a Mac. One you try a Mac, you won’t want to return to PC.