PCI Expander/PCI Expansion Enclosure

Does anyone have one of these? Are they worth it? What are the slow downs (because there obviously will be some), etc.

I have two GTX 670s sandwiched in my tower, I want to give them some breathing room as well as get another AMD graphics card to use for view-port display. There simply is not enough room in my tower.

What are everyone’s thoughts and opinions - especially if they have first hand experience in the subject.


Hi, I don´t have one but I know from Octane forum they work very well.
You meant expander like cubix or netstor, thought.
The slowdown is only during uploading the scene up to the box depends on expander.
This netstor has full PCIe 3.0 support:
Render performance is the same as with inbuild systems.

Cheers, mib.

Yep, that was what I was thinking of.

Thanks for the reply. I might look at getting one in the near future and report back :).