PDF Blender API Documentation (GE API Also available)


I have made a PDF version of Blender API documentation from CVS.


where can we find the html version?

Here :):
and here:


very VERY handy. Thanks teragone.

Thanks. This a actually answered a question that I had posted in another thread. Now if I can just find the game engine api in pdf or .chm format ai will be a happy camper. I have found the 2.41 api in html format and might convert it to .chm if I can find the time.

You are all welcome.

Happy that it’s usefull not only for me.

SHABA1: It it that http://www.blender.org/documentation/pydoc_gameengine/PyDoc-Gameengine-2.34/index.html Documentation you are looking for ?

If so it’s now available in PDF here: http://pages.videotron.com/teragone/GEapi.pdf.zip