PDF or SVG export

There seems to be very little being said about the fact that it’s now posibble to export PDFs or SVGs from Blender. As of 2.93 it’s now possible and the results are incredible.

There are a few tutorials out there about the use of the new LineArt modifyer. The LineArt modifyer lets you add line art to an object, a collection, or a scene without needing to set up anything beforehand. The LineArt modifyer uses a camera view so you need to have a camera pointing at something in your scene.

You then need to bake your line art as you’d like it. Be careful because it bakes all your frames and even if you haven’t set up any animation keyframes or anything it’ll still cycle through Blender’s default 250 frame set-up so change it to 1 frame or as many as you’d like before baking.

Once it’s finished baking just export the line art as a PDF or SVG and open it in your favourite vector or image editor. Blender exports layer groups based upon material and then within those groups it’s based upon the separate objects.

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