PDF wiki manual updated (since 20090129)

Hi all
if anyone interested, i have updated the pdf version of the wiki manual

Far from perfect but may be useful to many of you :slight_smile:

here you can find pdf + different formats created by archive.org (including online read)
Cheers, marco

Thanks, this is really useful, especially when one does not have non- stop Internet access.

very userfull for off line work

is this part of the wiki ?

who works on this?

is there a way to add more tut on certain subjects?

any sample file available to complement this ?

are you planning to do one for the 2.5?

haappy blendering

Thanks for posting the pdf m.ardito, useful indeed!

Allow me.

“Blender wiki manual (unofficial) updated: 200900902 in PDF format, is a simple PDF conversion of over 300 wiki pages, results in over 1400 pages easily viewable, printable, searchable.”

Amazing what you learn when you click the links…

Thanks, its pretty helpful.~.~

Great work ! Thank you very much forthis update. The computer I use for my 3D work is not plugget to the web,¨and I really use often the PDF manual !

Thanks ! I like having that on my HardDrive. It kind of make me feel secure :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this out…very much appreciated…