Peace of Mind (Now Animated)

Hey Guys,

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks! Calling it “Peace of Mind.” I’m still open to any critiques you might have before I render the animation! (Updated! I now have the Animated version up! Plus you can buy all the Nature Asset’s in this scene and more for just $10!)


Keep an eye out on my Youtube Channel CG Geek for the animation!


Nice! How is done the water stream?
My critique: flowers stem too much stiff, maybe more geometry detail in the soil and you can add some low grass, something like clover. Not convinced about the grass+soil in the river bed, it’s not better if it’s covered of pebbles?

i love the modelling of the rocks, and the water sliding on them for years making the surface smooth

It’s all good, but the water really stands out! The water is amazing!

Awesome work

Thanks Guys, Still cranking away at the animated version! Just updated the thread with an AO pass for those interested.

I bet the animation would be way better then the still image!:yes:

beautiful did you place the foam texture in correct places

It was a Glass and Translucent shader combined with a Fresnel node, planning a tutorial down the road!

More than Wonderful! 5 Stars from me!

Updated with the Animated version! Plus you can now buy all the nature assets in this scene + more for just $10 on the Blender Market!

Tutorial is now up!