An illustration for a New Year Card(Nenga Jo, in japanese).
Done with Fake GI, scanline render.

very good , i like it alot

Very nicely done.

The old Fake GI setup really looks good still too. Have to try that one again some time.


Truly gorgeous. Are these being done professionally? i.e. for sale?

Nice Render :D. Is that the emitting hemisphere type of GI, or another kind?

Happy to have some praises!
NQE1 : Not for sale, for my company’s use.
Ongnissim : Yes, but fake. Please refer to the Blender Documentation

Let us pray that peace may soon return to our troubled world.

Very nice, good leaves.

Looks very good, but something is missing on the right side(maybe the text goes there).

If you’re going to be printing that, the blue on the right side is out of the gamut of most printers. You might want to desaturate it.


excellent image. The

The fake GI remains a really useful technique.

anyone remember maxing out the number of lights and having to spin thema round the scene and motionblur?