Peach Mirror sites? Where are they?

I was just asking. Thanks for all your cooperation, but anyway, don’t worry, when I get a summer job I’ll start donating to the foundation. Anyway, my blenducation is for the blendefit of the Blender society.


They are in your imagination right now.

@Papa S:That made me laugh…you got wits

Anyway, I should be much clearer, sorry. I was talking about the mirror Ton mentioned in that release thread on the peach site. Has anyone heard of any video streaming yet?

If not, here’s something to freshen your minds:

Yea. The mirrors for Peach aren’t set up yet, because Peach isn’t released online yet. That’s what PapaSmurf was saying (though in more eloquent terms).

And someone uploading a ripped version, i guess it will be as a soon as someone does it.

However as someone across the other side of the world (furthest point from anywhere really) who ordered the disc, I would personally like to see it before its all over the web.

I don’t even know if the disc will arrive before the official mirrors are up.


Hey, at least you’ve still got sheep

Personally, I’ll probably wait till a few days or more after the release before trying to download it. Much as I would like to see it, I’ve not kept track of it /kept hyped about it, so I’m fortunate enough not to be desperate to watch it.

Anyway, I hope Alltaken does get his disk before everyone else gets their download :D, and that said download doesn’t suffer any major dramas.

A better thing to do would be to download the torrent and use that to download the movie. You will help the rest of the community with it as well. Wouldn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? :wink:

That didn’t occur to me, but I haven’t had much success with bittorrent in the past, so that might be why Although, it could just have been something in my brother’s router config…

Maybe I’ll give it a go, I’ll see where I am at the time 'n stuffs

Definately downloading using bittorrent is the best idea, as it will keep blender’s serverload low. I don’t know why you haven’t had much luck with bittorent. Get a good bittorent client like Transmission for Mac or Azureus, and if the file you’re downloading has a lot of seeds, you should get a very fast download, however, if you don’t keep the upload running after you download you’re ratio will drop, and low ratios get the download speed cut by the tracker.

A reason for bad bittorrent load quality is that the ISP may be limiting torrent bandwidth, or even blocking it entirely. Or maybe there are just not any good quality seeders available.


Yes, that could be true too. I know some comcast users who have bitorrent problems.

In my case, I think it probably has been some setting or another on my brother’s router. I’m pretty sure the problem was a NAT error or something similar, and meant I simply got no (or close enough to no) download at all.

EDIT: And I was using Azureus.

Well, while were on the topic of torrents, I haven’t had too much succes with them either. While my ISP (comcast) can download about a meg a second (on a good server), I can only get 25 kbs on avarige with torrents… Now, this may have something to do with comcast stopping torrents, but I doubt it, because I’ve never had succes with them befor comcast started to block them. Any reasons why it won’t work?

Torrents generally work so that you don’t get max speed in the beginning, but it should pick up when you’ve also started giving out data from your received bits. The better your share ratio, the better your speed should be (in theory).

For smaller files you won’t probably notice that, but on large files you should see a significant speed up after the first 10-20 minutes (for gigabyte-class torrents).


Yeah, you just have to be patient. Don’t be afraid when it gives you an ETA of 5 months. It will always shorten to a few hours or less (if everyone shares, that is).

I usually see torrents (with enough people sharing the content) start out on ~2 Kb/s and end on ~800 Kb/s (that’s fast). Altough it depends on your connection, you’ll be very happy once you see how fast it can go. Much faster than ordinary downloads.

Yes, I would agree with you. But when I downloaded the mancandy FAQ, it started out at 2-5 kbs (as expected), and got to around 30-40 kbs. Could this just be that there was no good server, and other peers could only get out so much? Or is there anything else?

I wish someone with the dvd would give mercy and put it on the web! (On my knees)

patience blenderman345, BBB will be here soon, so do something productive like blending up some dope work to get it off your mind.