Peach posters!

Peach team has uploaded some great looking posters of the completed characters. Download them here:

Oh wow, the fur is incredible:eek:

The images are great.

Yeah and a 4 minute render time? Even with 8 cores, it is still at a huge resolution 4k…

Yeah, the current fur is maddeningly limited. Good to see this is forcing another spur in development.

Have you seen the new particle system, you can fill the volume now, which will be very good for billboard SSS clouds. Find it in any new SVN build.

I only dabbled with it once, to make a smoke texture for a BGE game.

Wow! That’s the kind of rendering I want. Bright, with high contrast between light and dark values, as opposed to dull and boring soft tones, which is an attempt to excessive realism. If these were rendered in Blender, then I don’t want any rendering engine just to achieve ultra, frigging realism. People talk about Pixar’s Renderman. YET, Pixar is not into ultra realism at all like you see in photographs. They are in the business of producing what I call exaggerated realism (which I prefer, like those Peach characters) in the form of animated cartoons.

I would like to apply this also in product design and a lot of applications.

yes, this were all rendered in blender. Was that your question?