Peach rig- secondary animation controls?

I was watching a video from the Peach website, and in the video, Nathan demonstrates a “secondary” control so you can move a whole jaw, then move lips that are part of that jaw.

I’m still just entering animation, but I was curious if this was something peach implemented or something that already existed- and how it was done?

I think that what hapen s is a kind of grouping or parenting. so secondary control are parenting under primary control.

Its something that is already done. In a facial rig, areas like a jaw would implement the lower lips to be parented to the jaw so that when the jaw moved, so did the lower lips, whilst the lips themselves would have separate shape keys to allow for dialogue or any other facial movement. ‘Secondary’ controls is the wrong term for it, dont take it literally. All controls on a rig serve a function and are of equal importance whether they be combinations of armatures, shape keys or lattices. It’s what you do with them, animation wise, that counts…

I think the use of a python script to control the foots is a new feature.(PyContraint)

Ahh I see- thank you very much! I’ll definitely look into that! :slight_smile: