Peach: River test and more

Have you guys had a look at the Gallery section at the peach blog lately, they’ve uploaded some more animation tests there, one of which is a river scene which looks reeaaaly wicked! I just love the grass and plants.

(Sorry if this has been posted here before, just remove if it has)

um, um, um… wow!

double that!

and good things happen to those who explore & look, eh Len? :wink: nice find.

edit: one thing i dont like about the video is that annoying little brush stroke left in there. (someone missed it while in cinepaint, i think)

yeah… not so happy about that being put online (not my choice). I did change the title of the rivertest in the gallery (check it out!), cause it doesn’t represent the actual state it is in now, not even close.

So if you already like this #@* test…

bah just as i edited my last post! :mad:

To be honest i was expecting water better than this, so i’m assuming it has improved.

This is the reason why I’m not that happy with that kind of posting (producer’s work… “it’s an open movie!”). Of course you (as an audience) have certain expectations for quality, and when you see tests like that, you can only guess how the final will look like (and hope it’ll be better).

On the one hand we want the show our current state, on the other hand we want to keep some surprises for you (I hope with the water stream shot it will be the last).

yeah…the vegetation looks pretty nice - but the water could do with some improvements…it looks “gooey” somehow…

Hmm. For some reason I can’t watch the video, but the still is SO AWESOME. Is that the new strand system at work? The water is crappy but I know it’s just a test and the final shot will PIXAR-esque!

I like the rivertest… so you’d better undo whatever was changed sago!

Still, it’s better to post crappy animated shots than a rendered and photoshop painted super picture and that it looks nothing like final movie.

Unreal 2 did that and had to recover big time from that scandal.

It looks cute, but it bugs me a lot. The thickness of the grass is too uniform, it looks more like a rug. The scenes needs cast shadows of trees. I can understand why Sago thinks it was too early to post this. These days one should be very careful with such sceneries because the audience’s expectations is high. I mean even low end movies like Doogal and Hoodwinked had fairly decent outside woodland sceneries.

I know it is not Pixar, and the effort on itself is very commendable, it’s just my 2 cents.

I kind of like it the way it is, though if it’s supposed to be super realistic, might want to slightly improve the water.

No, it was too late. We’re already way past this quality.

Apart from the water…WOW. The vegetation is very nice. The water looks nice also, especially the reflections. And, the shading in the picture is amazing. I can’t wait for this move to come out!

wait… I have been gone from these forums a bit, sago, you are now working on peach? I just found peach a couple days ago… What Have I missed?!

I can’t wait to see the better river, although I do like the river already.

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Dude, check this out!

Just to clarify what Sago was saying, this was an early test, and is already a couple of months old. We have no idea why this was posted in the gallery instead of more recent versions which are substantially better. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Lol, i like the new title of the river test.

with everyone downing the video (even the director), i was expecting far far worse. the colors(of the vegetation) are very appealing to my eyes.really looking forward to the end result