Peach team is looking for a coder to code softbodies for particles, any takers?
They need it for the squirrel’s sideburns and the grass moving out of the way when the critters walk in the grass, this is heavily needed, you may even be in the credits.

I do understand why (animation vs physics conflict), but simulation
accuracy is not an issue here. What we need is just artistic control,
as if you have an animatable ‘comb’ to force hairs in certain

Oh man I really hope someone codes softbodies for particles that would be awesome!

I’ve been browsing the forums specifically looking to see if this was possible. Looks like the answer is “not yet” :slight_smile:

funny, i just said that in another post. I think…couldnt you just use a wind effect parented to the knees of the critters? That being said, I would LOVE a coder to figure out how to keep the cloth from intersecting a mesh, much like the fluid does not intersect with or bleed thru an obstacle. Or we just call it razor grass because it cuts through the little critter’s legs.

I’d like to get things sorted before this thread goes ‘off’ as spreading wrong information

  1. particles can use soft body dynamics after being switched to edit /* that is in current SVN */

  1. additional demands for peach project we are currently working on

so please, before yelling out loud
… hum… think… prove …might be the right word

BTW i am member of this forum for quite a while and i am proud of not hitting the 500 posts line yet :slight_smile:

I will do it!

I just need to learn C++ and I will get back with you guys :slight_smile:

despite softbody.c and all other spots in question are plain ugly C feel free to submit a patch ( BTW i see the sarcasm in your post)

quoting an old melissa etheridge record
“so much for that”

dang i did waste another post on my count

Jahka seems to be on top of things when it comes to this request

Did I misinterpret what you’re doing here? I’m not looking for a way to add dynamics, I’m looking for a way to manually control and animate the fur.

Sorry for hijacking the thread…