Peach teams needs help of external coders. Any takers?

The peach team has just posted a thread asking for external help for a coding project

Please refer to this

Taken from the thread

We are working hard to define the last version of the story by the animatic now, while the coders are refining great new features to be used in the movie.
Btw, Brecht, Ton and Campbell are too busy with a lot of new stuff at the moment and they have a priority list to work on, and because we could need volumetric clouds and realistic sky generation for a few shots, this post is meant as a call for help by external coders who can offer a good code for this.

refering to that they are searching especially coders to make nice cloud simulations, it’d like to show some clouds rendered with blender using only a bunch of planes.

test1.avi (< 1mb, XviD)
test2.avi (< 1mb, XviD)

Kai, could you explain how that was done ? looks real nice.
maybe share a source file also ?

It would be really great if you could share your technique with us.

And hey! Cool too see a local Blenderhead :cool:

The Peach team might be interested in Cyborg Dragon’s work.

Great to get more coders bringing us new features!

That said, personally, I was very impressed with the results from cog’s tutorial:Cog’s clouds

They were volumetric, rendered in reasonable time and looked good imho. Blend file available at the bottom on the tutorial.

Anyway, new features are good - until Blender gets bloated that is! :wink:


here are the blend files:

i used the array modifier to create a stack of z-transparent and textured planes to simulate the volume. you can render faster by increasing the distance frome plane to plane. the empty is used as origin of the procedural texture coordinates.

Perhaps scripting Terragen2 is an option? Just saying :slight_smile:

Perhaps the author would be willing to lend a “full” license to you peach guys…

probably they’re trying to use opensource software only as for project orange.

Peach is about promoting Open Source software so, this time, it wouldn’t fit as great a program as Terragen is.


If true volumetric cloud rendering is done as a part of project peach then my method won’t be needed anymore, it’ll also help in all sorts of rendering of gases.

Hi guys.
We already knows that quite good looking clouds can be made by several different ways in Blender, but they are not what we need now.
What we are looking for, at the moment, is code for volumetric stuff on one side, and for realistic sky lighting (something what the Eeshlo sunsky plugin does) on the other side, and preferably both of them, and preferably integrated in Blender.:slight_smile:

so you need something like this!??

maybe a interwesting article:

Ok, so OSS only. Well, Lux is GPL and contains an implementation of - it’s analytical so quite fast. Should be easy to rip out and use., cvs at:

See also for others.

Clouds are trickier, I’m not aware of any GPL code for that yet - Nishita’s papers might be a good starting point though:

Also VTerrain might have some links:

this site shows interactive cloud modeling, and it’s fast and good looking :stuck_out_tongue:

having complete control over the shape and size of clouds is something that would be extremely usefull, much better then just generating a big cloud field.

But there is already Blender code for sky lighting isn’t there? Maybe the clouds were not good enough, but why is not at least the skylight code part used from the old GSoC project? As far as clouds is concerned, I have done some experiments with that too, see, but I think that is known by now.

If the mprenderer is going to be used in Peach, than I’ll be probably be still busy with integration. But if there are is no one else going to offer their contribution (and I really can’t imagine that), then I suppose I could help, but only as a last resort :wink: In this case I’d rather think it is better someone else does it though.

Yeah, it’s not like we’re starting from scratch… (note that I am not in any way, shape or form part of that we-bit.)
Sionix might have been tragically sidetracked into cloud generation but the skylight was already showing promise, at least according to the screenshots here:

what’s about deep shadow maps? i think this feature could improve the visual quality of particle generated clouds very much.

I wouldn’t mind looking into this but I don’t have experience with blender’s rendering system and sadly I might not have enough time to provide a full fledged solution if the deadline is short.

Out of curiosity, I looked through the SIGGRAPH paper and when I got to the rendering part, I was very confused about the metaballs and billboards. The nice thing about that paper is that it provides a lot of the pseudocode to compute the simulation and rendering but it may also not be the system you want. There was another paper I found that was interesting called “A Method for Modeling Clouds based on Atmospheric Fluid Dynamics”.

That Purdue uni - metaball cloud with displacement looks OUTRAGEOUS. Generated in realtime too. Check out the cloud buiding demo at
Would be very cool tool as the structure ie cirrus or cumulus is totally editable.