Peach's Castle - Remake from Mario 64

Most recent render:

18.703 faces, 3 4K,6 2K, 4 1K, 1 0.5K texture

Most recent sketchfab:


Guess what castle it is :slight_smile:

I took the artistic liberty of making some (bold) choises in remaking most of the castle as well as the area around it.
I still need to model some things and stuff, then I’ll go into texturing and making materials for it.
Eventually, I will attempt to have it fully textured in the traditional Nintendo way, with an interesting skybox I’ll be painting in Verve.

I will update with more renders as I progress.


I like your lighting choice. Looks like a cool project.

Thanks, the simpler the better, just a well placed sun lamp not too strong not too bright :wink:

Princess Peaches castle!
Instantly recognizable… brings back memories :slight_smile: The design looks really well done too. Looking forward to seeing this textured!


I am trying to recreate Peach’s castle specifically from Mario 64, though so far it has proven to be tough, since the developers had to keep complexity down to have it run on the console.
I still need to model the waterfall, the cannon, a couple of windows, doors, drains, lamps and whatnot. After that, texturing :slight_smile:


Finished modeling, a couple of renders:

I still need to add some small things to the scene, like bushes and plants and such, but I will add them when the scene it textured to make sure I don’t make it unharmonious.

UV-unwrapping incoming!

Very nice!


UV unwrapping finished as well as the scene cleaned up and detailed a bit further.

Texturing commence!

Thanks ShadowCamero !


I only got to paint the grass texture in Verve and work it into the scene,
I know the transition between the different textures is pretty hard, I will paint the soft transition later on.

Dont worry about the spam! We like seeing progress even its its something small :rolleyes:

Are you going to keep the simplicity of the original Mario 64 or create more detailed terrain, with normal maps, 2d grass etc?

I like what the simplicity of what you have right now though so either way will look awesome IMO.


I will keep it simple and probably not make the mesh much more detailed than it is now. I think I will finish it with leaves flying from the trees, maybe mesh bushes and flowers some places.
Due to me trying to keep to Nintendo’s style I will not use normal maps much, if at all. I will use color, spec, and maybe glossy roughness maps for this one.

I really like how this is progressing! I can’t wait to see the final result! It looks so legit!

Thanks Sweenist!

I am painting the skybox in Verve right now, little less than halfway done.

Full res:



I KNOW, there’s no sun… I will work that in later as I make sure where exactly to put the sun in the scene


Made a bunch of textures and materials

Some of the materials and textures in the materials are just temporary and unfinished.
I will probably also animate the waterfall texture at some point

Excellent work. Quite a stupid question about your modelling process: Is the castle one unique mesh or did you model some parts (towers) separately?
Do you intend to use it for still renders only?

Thanks remi07!

I did model it as one unique mesh in the beginning when determining proportions and such. Later on I separated it into instanced copies of front towers and instanced copies of back towers, the middle tower and the rest of the castle. I have now separated it into 6 unique objects that are all separately UV-unwrapped.

No, I will most definitely do a quick animation with it - I will try replicating the path the flying camera takes in the original game’s intro.
I will also bake all lighting to a shared texture at some point, just to try it out. Then I can do any animation I want with it, super fast.


Didn’t get to do much on the scene today, finished up some textures some places, and started experimenting with transitions between materials, not sure what I think about it though. I also painted more leaves onto the ground, and finished up painting the cliff texture on the left.

Excellent! I’m looking forward to it!


Still working on it, I will need to detail the walls a bit further before I’m happy with it.
After that, bridges trees bushes etc etc.

I’m definitely feeling the nostalgia. It’s coming together nicely too. :slight_smile: