Peacock and Turtle Animation


So I’ve gone and tried my hand at some more animating.:slight_smile: I will more or less be uploading test animations with my two newest (rigged) characters

I want to know how to make the animation more realistic than it is. I will re-render each animation after you’ve given your critiques. Eventually I will move on to the actual short that I made these characters for. But before I do that I want to be sure I “know the rigs”; that I know how to animate them well.

The link to the first animation (titled first encounter):
The link to the revised animation (titled first encounter_1):

The link to the second (6 sec) animation:

Thank You for your comments and critiques!

lol, I like it. The bird could react to the turtle moving a bit quicker though. The birds head should also move a little more when it is walking.

Thank you Saypen! Since no other critiques came I’ll fix the things you pointed out and re-render.

Nice! At first it seemed to me that the bird was moving way too slowly, but once I realized that he was sneaking up on the turtle, it didn’t look so bad. Moving him faster is a good idea, but I think it would also be good to make him move a little more “sneakily,” unless you’re going to speed him up a lot.

And how did you make the feathers wobble so realistically on the bird? Was it just careful bone-positioning, or are they softbodies?

Yea, those feathers are awesome! Would love to know how to do that. The only crit is maybe juts make it a little more “exuberant” when they meat. Like one of the gets startled. It is good animation though. Good luck!

Thanks! The feathers are SBs parented to bone “head”. The pin of the SBs is the base of the feathers. If I could animate those feathers that way with bone positioning…:eek:

I haven’t had time to re-work this yet… have my PSAT today. :spin:I’ll probably have the revised animation by Monday.

Thanks you for your critiques, without them this piece wouldn’t be half of what it is. I know what you mean by “sneaky”, I’ll work on that…I’ll also try to add more “dynamic” acting in general.


Alright! I’ve edited the first post with the revised animation. Do you guys think it’s better?

Can’t wait for your critiques!

Was kinda lazy in the past few days…:stuck_out_tongue:
All I did was make a dragonfly and then animate it in a6 sec short.
How do you like it? I think the turtle turned out a little stiff.:no:
I also edited the first post with this new animation.

that is what soft bodies are for!
however they look bit like slow motion (that is because i would guess your bird is about 2 blender units tall … 2 meters in real word )
to heal that set speed on the soft body panel to something like 2 or even 4 … that will scale the soft body clock to get more nervous tiny worlds physics …
well just a hint

P.S: on the sneaking … it is too smooth … would work better if you did step … hesitate … step … hesitate … look at …step… hesitate … look … pick

Thank you bjornmose!

I will definantly look into that! I’ll try to apply your “sneaking” in the next animation. Or do you think I should revise the first for a third time? Maybe I’ll do both…
As for the SBs, I never knew that size affected them! I will definantly look into adjusting the speed! Thanks for the hint!

[edit] Also, do you know how to bake all the SBs in a scene at once? So far I’ve always been baking them sepratly e. g. First I bake the head feathers for all the 400 frames, then the tail feathers for 400 frames. How can I bake both the head and tail feathers at the same time? Thanks![/edit]

Select all the objects you want to bake.
CTRL_B and voila!

As for the size of objects and speed.
A pendulum swings with a period T = 2PI * SQRT( length / gravitational acceleration ).
Note there is no dependency on the mass!
So i made this to work approximately right with g = 10 m/s
s 1bu=1m frame rate is 25 frames/sec
That is a 1 meter pendulum takes 2 seconds to get to the return point again.
So the speed control can be used to compensate another definition of 1bu ( blender unit )
Well, as long as you don’t use gravitation you can tune your mass / spring systems by changing masses and stiffness but i think it is a good habit to scale the time of the system to match the “pendulum clock” :slight_smile:

Thanks! I never knew that! I knew how to use SBs, but never how they work. It’s good to know!:slight_smile: