Peacock Ornament for Vintage Espresso Machine #Solved



Single payment for a peacock that will be manufactured as a physical ornament to place on top of a vintage espresso machine.

  1. What is the type of project?
    Delivery of a single static digital 3D model (file types below)

  2. Are you a company or individual?
    I am an individual

  3. What kind of designer are you looking for?
    This is my first contract, so I am looking to keep the budget low.
    However, this project allows the artist creatively interpret the work, so the willingness to work from a vague concept is required.

  4. What is the deadline?
    No real deadline.

  5. Description of the project.

  • Designed for 3D filament printing with no support.
  • Include a round flat base.
  • The goal is to replace the eagle on top of the boiler in the first picture.
  • Capturing the essence of the vintage espresso machine.
  • The artist can decide whether the tail extends below the base. I think the tail could drop about 25mm below the TOP of the boiler cap before it ran into trouble. The boiler cap itself is 60mm in diameter and 20mm thick.
  • Do not create an intricate set of feathers or interior spaces.
  • Actual size will be about 50-75mm above the boiler cap.
  • It is my responsibility to modify the base in the OnShape CAD program to mate with the boiler cap.

OnShape supports these file format:

  • Parasolid
  • ACIS
  • STEP
  • IGES
  • CATIA v4
  • CATIA v5
  • CATIA v6
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • Pro/ENGINEER, Creo
  • JT
  • Rhino
  • STL files
  • OBJ
  • NX
  1. What is the budget?
    Definitely under $100. I found some peacocks in Thingiverse I could adapt, but I want to support this community and have something unique.

My goal is to replace the eagle with a peacock in this picture:

Other inspirations:

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