"Peanut Butter Train" spanish reader

Hey everyone,

Just finished an illustration project for Headventureland.com. They wanted me to illustrate a spanish (and they might make a latin version too i think…) online reader - basically a flash book that you can translate by clicking on each word individually. Click on the “Readers” page to see.

The 12-page book is called the Peanut Butter Train. I don’t think it’s online yet, so I don’t have the words but you can look at the images on my site: JasonRayner.com

The attached files are the front and back “cover”:

…meant to comment on this yesterday…got sidetracked
bet the kids a gonna love 'em …i found them quite expressive…good luck

I’d say the round parts need more polygons. They look blocky.

thanks Frank the Smith!

and FreeMind, yea i was going for speed and style. didn’t want just perfect cylinders for everything. but perhaps that was undone by some of the smooth surfaces like on the conductor and the smoke.

You can reduce the noise on the images by raising the falloff in the Ambient Occlusion panel.

SSimpossible - i’m also aware of that but i like the effect it gives