Pearl - Jeweled Dragon (eevee)

A personal project I’ve been working on for a while in blender 2.8.

series of timelapses documenting the creation:

also sketchfab, displays a little funny, I have no clue what I’m doing wrong:


The shading got quite a noticeable upgrade from the original revisions, especially the crystals :slight_smile:

Though it is a shame that it can’t receive Eevee’s more advanced features because of GPU limitations (ie. SSS, soft shadows, GI, ect…). One of these days GPU prices will be reasonable again, I hope.

yeah, hopefully I’m looking into getting a new pc, cause my 4gb ram tablet with not really much, if any grafics card does not approve of what I’m using it for. towards the end blender would just freeze constantly

here’s the wireframe btw

I personally love the color choices. Great work!

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thank you =)

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Love it ! Concept Dragon look for me more vicious and cunning but of course showing emotions in 3d is never easy. Cute version is nice too ^^ . In case of 3d model personally teeth are a weakpoint here but overall everything fits perfectly. Keep doing great job :slight_smile:

thanks =) I actually intendet him to be quite cute, its the concept that came out more dangerous looking tha planned. as for the teeth, i probably should’ve spent a bit more time on them, I had some struggles.