Pears Revisited

I recently posted an earlier version of this work in the finished projects forum. I got several critiques, so I took this one back to the drawing board.

I’m still revising it, but I wanted to get some more input at this point. The DoF blur is by no means finalized, nor is the tree trunk. Anyway, how do you think it’s moving along? You might say the pears still have to much spec, but I don’t know. I was going for the bright look. I’ll have to think about that more.

I love the table. The shadow for the bowl might be too strong. You might try to give it a little softer shadow by adding some weak light source pointing to the shadow. I don’t know your aim for this pic, but the pears seem to “glow” too much.

I agree with Glen, the table is awesome, as well as the grass and tree.

Personally, I think the pears look good the way they are, but the shadows could be softened up a bit.

It looks amazing. Keep up the good work!