Critique is welcome!

Wow… This is pretty nice- I especially like your wood texture. The pears could use a bump map though…

the table looks great!

The table and the bowl are excellent. The pears need some of that photorealism. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they all look exactly alike. Real pears vary, and the pears I buy always have these brown spots on 'em. Is the pear texture procedural? If so, good job, but needs a bump map and some freckles. Plus the one pear on the lower left doesn’t look like its lying in the bowl properly. The top of the pear should be leaning against the bowl and its not. The shadow from the tree doesn’t seem to be going in the same direction as the shadow from the bowl. A tree trunk that size, and that close, should be casting more of a shadow from overhead branches on the ground and maybe on the table.

nice wood.

bend the twigs on the pears and de-neon-ize that grass!

real nice though.

that table is really nice. try doing what the others here have said.

Hi. Nice render- the wood is lovely. Few crits:

A) The pears have a bit too much spec, and are generally too bright. Normal pears have much duller reflections.
B) The pears really need some form of bump map and general texture. Try UV-mapping it so that it has that gradual gradient of dark brown at the bottom to green-yellow at the top. It would also have some marks, bruises and freckles.
C) As someone said above, the pears all look too similar.
D) The shadows are a bit too harsh. Try to soften the edges of the shadow. Or even better, turn AO on if you’re using blender internal, or even consider using an external renderer like yafray or indigo.
E) I think that the camera should be zoomed in a little bit more. Right now there’s a lot of blank, detail-free space.

Other than those points, really good stuf :slight_smile:

Hehe, I should have forseen most of those criticisms. I tried working with bump mapping on the pears, but with mixed results. Still, the polished look is more for apples. But may mesh editing’ll do. The texture is procedural. I don’t know why the shadow on the tree would be angled differently than that of the bowl. They both came from the same light, which was set to sun. Shouldn’t be a problem if I finish the tree this time round though. I’ll try to work on the image some more. Looks like I should have put this under the focused critique section.

Didn’t see that last post. The AO is on. I’m not sure I’d want to soften the shadows. Kind of gives it that bright, sunny look. I’ll check it out though. While I’m at it I should probably work on the blur some more. It’s not quite right…

As someone else said, the grass looks like it’s neon/glow in the dark. Maybe you could look at some grass outside and notice the color.

You’re probably getting a minor “fisheye” effect from the camera. Try moving the camera back and increasing the Lens value of the camera. You may still want to model some branches to cast shadows on the table, or, use a texture on the lamp (don’t know whether this works with the ‘sun’ though.)

Use the stencil texture and blend textures to add variation and spots on the pears.