peas url error
excuse me :frowning:

I’m not sure what you mean by url error.
Your image is good, but I would advise you to shrink the massive black border a little, as I’d rather not scroll along to read longer posts.
Also, I think the red haze in the background might need work.
Apart from that, great work!

nice work! But try making the water more reflecting and add a world wich the water can reflex… Just a thought :slight_smile:

So, lemme get this straight: you want him to alter his artistic vision just so you don’t have to run your lil’ finger over that mouse wheel an extra time? Hmmmm… whatever.

comballat, nice work! I like the idea, especially in light of the hurricanes hitting the U.S. Gulf Coast of late… “who’s gonna save the peas?” I especially like the little fella in the water who looks like he’s waving to the others. You can almost hear his cries for help! I agree with Maaatt that the water could use a little work, but its “tone” is right for the mood of the piece. I think the green tint to the haze is a little odd… but then the whole scenario is odd, so it kinda works. Good leaf textures, but their outlines are a little too clean/pristine. Look forward to more on this one! Keep at it!

thanks for your replies, and I ‘ll take care of your suggestions:)
there is no relastionship between these dire hurricanes and this WIP.
yes, the outlines of the leaves are too perfect ,
the red haze in the background need work also.
I’ have lot of concern with vegetables, cause i’m market gardener :smiley:
happy blending!