Pebble Vase [WIP]

Hey guys, I have been working with Blender for about 4 years now and I just picked up courage to make an account here. :slight_smile: Well I have never had a project or a wip just tests and learning projects. This is my first.

All I have right now is a Vase but it will be accompanied by Soil, Pebbles and of course some vegetation. All this is Blender internal and AO.


That may be some of the best looking glass from blender internal I have seen.
What were your render times like? I would like to see some caustics you may have to paint them in or fake them some other way.

Thanks! Renders are usually 1-2 minutes. The scene that I am pictureing is very soft on a window ledge on a rainy day sort of thing so no need for caustics. I will be sharing all the settings as I progress.

Ok…did not have alot of time this week but it’s now the weekend and I might finish it. Ok. I adjusted the glass abit and added water. Next is the flowers/vegetaion and of course pebbles. The scene will be the vase on a window ledge.

C&C is welcomed! :slight_smile: