Peco from Breath of Fire III.

(Reference image obtained from:

Looks cool. Would be nice with some textures.


There is no texture for this character as you can see in the reference images.

/aWESOME! I loved Peco! That’s a great job. The only thing I’d change is make his top lip thing more puffy, like Peco. Maybe show his feet going into the shoes.


Hey thanks StaticDemo.

You pointed out 2 of the things I needed to fix.

The other one is to make to as chubby the as reference picture :slight_smile:

Thanks for comments.

Love it. Very creative and an awesome use of colors, 5 stars

He needs to be wider from the look of it, and his eyes are much too big. Go for smaller eyes and heavier-set eyebrows. Also, his lips look like the should be more bulky than thin.

I can’t seem to make the puffy faces and lips.

I’ll need to practice making these next time I do modeling. I’ll keep it in mind.

Thanks for replies.