Peculiar problems primarily pointed to particles

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Well disregarding my consonance I have an annoying problem with my particles. I want them to go out from every vertex of a circle evenly. However it seems my options are sets of 24 particles coming out of one vertex then moving to the next one sequentially. Or I can use the random button but that is, well, random. To my untrained eye it appears that the button “even distribution” would solve all my problems but unfortunately it does nothing. I am running 2.5.2 probably not the latest build which I may download soon. Thank you for your time.

Update and blatent self bump: I downloaded the latest build (2.5.3) and my problem still persists.

All you have to do is create a particle system for every vertex. Create a unique vertex group for each vertex in the circle. Then in each particle system use only that vertex group.

Here is a quick setup using only a triangle.


simultaneous_particle_emission.blend (172 KB)

oooh nice tip Atom, thanks!