Pedal animation with muscle groups.

Been working on this for a while now…
Finally figured out some of it.
The next step is figure out how to fix two overlapping objects with alpha channels.
If you look at where the knee you’ll see what I mean.

Then I need some way of making the objects that are muscles glow when they’re being used and disappear when they’re not in use.

Also, is there a way to make an object that is a curve have a hard black outline?
The body is done with a texture map while I experimented with the muscles by importing SVG files.
I found that to be much easier but now they don’t have the same outline the rest of the objects do.

I’m working in nodes and any help would be appreciated.

for the muscle glowing you could use id mask node applied using object id an make the glowing in post production

Thanks, I figured it out.

You can set the timing by setting a key on the transparency node.
Hard to find with google.
I still can’t get overlapping alpha channels to wrok.