Pedestal (Tutorial p.2 and update below)

I’m currently working on something for a small scene. This is what I’ve got so far. My thought is to lay a marble top on so that I can lay display or something on it. But it was so fun to model so I decided to do it quite detailed


I’ll just update this rightaway. Fixed some uglys

wow that looks great. Congrats! that will look good with the marble on top

btw pedestal

Is there a tut I can get to make something like that … I am looking depspertaly for one . I need it for my next scene .

A tutorial of some kind would be awesome. I’ve always wondered about the technique.

:o you mean you wan’t me to do a tut. That I never thought I’d hear. What do wan’t it on, the screw thing or the whole thing?

whole thing if poss

also if u look at the image, the far right has black bits, have u tried ctrl+n yet? should help.

Bensloth: Thats because I haven’t fixed the hole on that pic. What u see is the inside of the swirly thing


Oh, and I’ll start on a tut perhaps at the end of this week. A little swamped att school. Nothing fancy, but I’ll se what I can do.

Really nice modelling.
Hm, I’m not sure but maybe you should remove that horizontal line between the 2 spirals, to see if it looks better or not.

That would look great as a pedestal, but that could also look great in a scene such as a greek temple or something like that. :slight_smile:

The thing looks amazing and it would be complimented by grass nicely ! If the it is not too much trouble and you make a tut I can tell many people are gonna be happy . :slight_smile:

Great Modeling BTW … and what are you gonna use it for ?

The whole thing if possible, that’s an awesome model. I’d love to do a pantheon sometime. That’s one the models I’ve tried to do many times over my course of blender, never been able to do it.

thats k :wink:

duskblue: Thanx man. The line is intentional, I put it there because imo it didn’t look that good without it though I see where you’re coming from. I wanted the line to transfer onto the roll.

Kashoki: Thanx, the grass idea is much better then what I had in mind. I was thinking on setting it in a middle of a large room with some reflecting stone floor. Like your idea better and I’m running with it if I can steal it.

Dittohead: I’m starting on the tut now. I don’t expect it to take that long so if I’m not interrupted at home it should be finished sometime today (swedish time ^_^)

I’ll get going right away

A teaser from the tutorial :smiley:
Images for the first part done. Writing the HTML now

I’ve had to redo my homepage a bit. Starting work on the tutorial text now

WOW :o I want the tutorial!! :smiley: This is great looking, simple, but nice, smooth, and clean looking. I want my columns to look athat way! Tutorial would be much much much appriciated!

can’t wait :smiley: , it’s gonna go great with my next project . Thanks alot !

Okay then. First part of tutorial uploaded. Can be found on my homepage or more quickly at
I really hope you like it. Please note on any misspellings and things that are unclear.

Now I have to move my whipped ass to the dishes before my gf gets home.

(Sorry not to give ut an ETA on part two. I really don’t know when I’ll be able to sit down with that.)

:smiley: Yay ! Lol … thank’s alot ! The tut is awsome .

Kashoki: Glad you liked it. Started on part 2. Making the body

should be done sometime sunday (GMT+1)