Pedestal (Tutorial p.2 and update below)

I’ll just bump this to announce that part two is now uploaded.


Great technique, very clean.

Where? I checked your site … only one tutorial there … loaded it, and Part 2 is at the bottom … but nothing is there.

Did you try pressing on “Part 2” ?

Hay guys I need some help. Me and the gf is arguing on how I should do the top.
I want this size (about)
and she wants

What do you think (please leave gender issues out of it, don’t wan’t none of that :slight_smile: )

Seems the interest fo the tutorial cooled after part one so I’m laying it on ice unless there’s some interest for more

Hm, it’s hard to tell, I like both. But maybe I prefer the 1st one (and if it was just a very little bit smaller I would like it even more :wink: )

easy enough to solve :stuck_out_tongue: make it inbetween :wink: lol but yea the 1st one seems better.

Okay. Long time no see. Added the first bit of detail

C&C please

Your top size compromise is good. I like what you have. No…I’m blown away by what you have. I couldn’t believe the scrollwork when you first showed it to us, and I still can hardly believe it now. Great stuff. The leaf detail is even better!!

A small crit: Although I realize that the tabletop is supported by something, it almost looks like it’s “floating” from that angle. I would suggest allowing it to lay right on top of the column scrollwork and eliminating the stand. Besides…from a practical perspective, it would always be easier to clean with fewer nooks and crannies. :slight_smile:

Amazing detailed work on the leaves, this looks amazing.

nice work on details.maybe the column is a little to short,or maybe the ornaments are to big?

Thanx for the crits

–=leon=-- : Have thought of that myself. The length is an easy fix but I’ll w8 'til I’m more finished to do the fine tune.

acrim : Thanx man, appreciate it

Pickle : Thanx for the praise, I’m not worthy :). The scrollwork is really not that complicated as you can see if you check the tutorial on page 2. I see what you mean with the floating bit. I’ll se how it looks when I’ve added a bit more detail.

I’ll keep it up. Update soon

Thanks for the tutorial.

toloban : np, I know it isn’t done yet. I’ll probably finish it this week.

Ok. Time for an update. Added some more ornaments and fixed some proportions. The marble material I’ve taken from Rowan Wigginton. Hope it’s ok. I’m going to modify it a bit later. So here’s what I’ve got. Please…be gentle :expressionless:

I see from your site that part 3 is in the works?

nice update,now the proportions are ok.
i relly like the ornaments on this one,good work.

DYeater : I’m starting work on part 3 this week. However I’ll probably not cover the ornaments in the tut. I’ll just connect the scrollwork with the pillar and add a top and bottom.

–=leon=-- : Thanks. I liked the difference aswell. Thanks for pointing it out to me

Final post. I’m moving this to finished now. Thanx for all the help

Hi All,

I am having some major issues with this tutorial. I know its a pretty old post but I really like it and want to do it. I cant get one part to come out right. Below are pictures of what I mean. PLEASE help :slight_smile:

This is what I am supposed to have…

And for some reason, this is what I am getting…

I cant seem to get the knife to cut it evenly…what am I doing wrong?


Yeah. Thats familiar…thought I took it up in the tut…I’ll look at it later.

I have NOOOOO idea why blender does that…perhaps somebody better than me should answer. My guess is that the knife tool somehow is dependent on the normals for determening where to draw the cut line, so when the normals point different int the spiral for some of the faces it gets crazy. To make it work I had to recalc the normals a couple of times. I also pressed flip normals in the edit menu. Unfortunatly by the time I got it to work I had no idea what fixed it. I thought it was just my comp that was screwing with me. My suggestion is: If recalcing normals doesn’t work, go into the edit buttons and press “draw normals” then make sure that all the faces normals point the same way, then try again.

Sorry I can’t be of more help right now. And unfortunatly I’m swamped at school so I don’t know if I’ll have time to look into it soon. Please post how the it worked for you in case anyone else wonders.