Pedestrian Bridge.

The model / render is not specially good nor my best but I think it is a good example of using Blender as a professional tool for presentations.

It took me only 3 hours to model & render this pedestrian bridge to produce a conceptual design of a new proposal for a pedestrian bridge. There was an original design and we wanted to change the pylon and cable arrangement.

nice bridge! i love the clouds in the background and the rest of the scene is simple and neat. just one question: does your bridge have only one tower? Also, how much longer is the bridge?

I really like it. Cool design, and it works well. The road itself could benefit from a texture, cuz you know how all roads have the dark patch in hte middle of the lane?

The bridge has only one span, if you look carefully the second image you can see both abutments.

Yes, I can improve the textures a bit. But the whole idea of this exercise it was to produce a model with few hours of work. I am a bridge engineer before a 3D “artist” and I just used blender3d in this case as a professional tool.

Thanks for both comments.

I’m not an engineer, so I may be wrong here, but it seems to me that the stresses on that last cable would be terrific. It wouldn’t be too many years before they tear that bridge apart.

Interesting concept though…

I hope I don’t make you mad with this… I just added a little post-pro to one of your images:

thanks to all for your comments.

duoas, the design is pretty standard for a cable stayed pedestrian bridge, and stresses are not specially high in any of the cables. I have designed already a couple of pedestrians not far in cable arrangement from that one.


no problem at all, very nice indeed. lol

I am a strongly GPL supporter.

nice :wink:

can i have your cloud background??

if no,thats ok :slight_smile: