"Pedro" - Free Rig - Blender 2.56


Hello all

here is a free Rig I have made for Blender 2.5
It was built with Blender 2.5.6

You can use it however you like, credit me if you feel the need.
(either Wayne Dixon or Waylow is fine)
I would also be interested to know where it ends up - so feel free to let me know what you do with it

Here is a link to the file:


Here is a link to a Demo video (How to use the Rig - features etc)

the video does not include the new features I added in this update
please see the other forum thread for details

There is also a small walk cycle demo at the end of the video


Thanks to Kiopaa for the inspiration and help with the python scripting
Thanks to Feelgoodcomics for the Reverse Double IK Leg set up (Pedro uses a modified version of this)

please feel free to give me feed back on the rig to improve it for future releases
And I will update it to make it even easier to use

Have Fun

Thank you for the contribution. The little guy looks like fun. I would enjoy being able to set up a rig like this, but will settle to playing with yours until I grow a bit. I will try to post anything that actually works…

Thanks, cute character and really good rig! This will be something to look into!

Thanks guys

Have fun

Very good character, thanks for sharing it with us.

I just updated the rig to fix an error in the Foot

(see original post for the link)

this rig is also being used in the BAC#7
check it out over here

I have updated his tail so it’s a lot easier to use

the links are the same as the first post


I also have 2 more rigs over here

Hey! Thank you for such an awesome rig!
I would really appreciate some help, though - and I KNOW it is a very simple solution. When I open the file and right click on the green curves (any of them) - how do I select individual ones? I am going crazy trying to figure it out - just because I know it is that simple…
Thank you in advance!

I replied to your PM,

but here the solution (in case others have the same problem):
I think you’re in object mode - press Ctrl Tab to switch to pose mode

hope that helps
but let me know if that’s not what you’re talking about

Thanks for the answer - I tried doing that before and Blender froze on me… strangely it works now. I thought that was the solution - thank you again.

Hi Wayne.
First of all thank you very much for Pedro and the other nice rigs you kindly provided.
I am using Pedro to increase my understanding of Blender 2.5 rigging features, but I have a problem. In your video, almost at beginning, you show that in the Properties Panel (activated by N), there are some sections related to the rig (Layers, Visibility, Properties).
When I open the file in my Blender 2.57b, I don’t find those sections in the panel. Am I missing something, or there are differences due to the Blender versions?
Thank you again.


hello ant lab

no - you are not missing anything, the rig is broken in 2.57b - well the UI script is anyway
bear with me and I will have an updated version soon

Hi Wayne.
Thank you for the answer. In the meantime I am experimenting a bit and studying your videos about Pedro and the other rigs you created, they are really great gifts you make to the Blender community.


I’ve updated the rig - please check the other thread for the link
(it’s the link in my signature)

I want to keep all the messages in the other thread which has all the rigs on it