Peeling a label

I’m not sure whether this belongs in animation or modeling. I figure since I need to model it first, I’ll post here. Anyway, I need to animate a label peeling off of a cylinder. Should the label be modeled as textured plane then use a lattice to wrap it around the cylinder?

Is there any way to flatten a tube? Imaging cutting the tube lengthwise and flattening it (like the UV mapping process). If I could do that to the mesh then it would be perfectly round before peeling off and becoming flat.

Does this make sense? Any ideas?

Hi, T. Monkey,
I was interested in the problem, I did something you may find usefull by cutting a chunk off a subdivided cylinder, then animating it with an armature download the label.blend file from here…
Alt a over the camera window to see the result. I put auto ik on the armature, you could turn this off for more control
Hope this helps, for a full online course for free checkout my site,

Hey Roy, thanks for the blend to study. That looks pretty good. I’m currently working with some shape keys and having some success. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll do some tweaking to your blend. Thanks for the link to your site, too!