Peetie's sketchbook

Welcome to Peetie’s sketchbook.

Made with the EV Express addon. This addon encourage you to use more dramatic lighting.


Working on some plugs for #meshmachine. Expected is to have 40 plugs per July 20.

Tell me what plugs you think are most usefull. The best idea get a free pack. Write a short description and motivation why, ends on July 4.

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Long Time no See. Here my first INSERTS for KITOPS. When I have around 100 they will be available. What kind of inserts would you like to see?


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Insert for KITOPS, Number No 17 already:


Hilarious all those super-addons and very addictive. This is my 21st INSERT already for KITOPS,
Addons used; Meshmachine and KITOPS.

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Twenty four self-made insert so far for KIT OPS:


All sorts of sci-fi ones :smiley:

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Nice work dude!!!

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TADAA! More than 70 insert for KIT OPS now. I have to write some documentation and I will post them on Gumroad and/or Blendermarket. Here some of the plugs for Meshmachine I ported to INSERTS.


Now that MeshMachine 0.6 is out;

Glad the plugs are working fine. More plugs to find on:

Oh my gosh, How enthousiastic I am about the Level Builder addon. Easy to make nice renders in no-time.

Made with my own assets which are also available on

Made with the addon RADarr which has a Fibonacci functionality, then VDB Rememeshed. Then used one of my EEVEE shaders and lit the scene with my new addon EV Express.

I would normally not come to the idea to light an object like this.

Enjoying the hard work i did past months: (eevee shaders, asset for level builder, ev express)

Quite into lighting lately. Discovered the more dramatic lighting instead of the standard 3 point method.

I love Tim burton’s movies and I am stealing his colour combinations.

There is something I like much in this one. Looks a bit cinematic.

Playing with the fibonarry addon and EV Expres:

Trying out Archipack PRO, EEVEE

Experiment with new workflow making textures. This shader (and textures) turned out to be nice. Some SSS in EEVEE. Looks like kind or crystal.