Peeto Rescue updated

(gargola) #1

as the title says…the Peeto Rescue game is updated and i need some peeps to test it cause i’m about to release it as a “full” game.Like you already know,this was a quick game,no super plots,no big bosses,no awesome weapons or power ups…it’s a simple and easy game.please visit my site and download: i need your comments and if there’s something wrong or any bug,let me know.thanx! :smiley:

(LohnS) #2

d/l now…

man all i can say is that this game is so fun, it gives a really good atmosphere, a ot like Mario 64 or Zak and Daxter. I’ll give a thing on the updated version when it finished…

(Pooba) #3

It’s a good game, but you i still have some constuctive critisism.

First, you go way too slow.

Second, You need a lot more gameplay. Running around and shooting nets and explosive eggs by doors in a really small flat place isn’t hard. You need to add the ability to jump, more levels, and make the levels a lot more interesting.

Third, the eggs take to long to explode, maybe i’m to impatient, but they should explode after about 3 seconds, not like 15.

Otherwise i think you could turn it into a fun game! So far gameplay is kinda boring (no offense, i’m just stating my opinion). Try to make it a bit more intersting.

Just my 10 cents.


(gargola) #4

Pooba:thanx for the comments.tell ya what…i’ll leave this one as it is cause it’s only a simple game,i wanted it to be that simple,BUT,i can make some kind of secuel???..hum! sounds good…maybe i’ll start(maybe)tomorrow…add more enemies,ability to jump,things like that.anyway thanx for the comment. :smiley:

(LohnS) #5

woo i love that game hehe, thanx for sharing

(gargola) #6

Thanx Neo! :smiley:

(Nayman) #7


(gargola) #8

anybody else with Nayman’s problem?cause i hit the ENTER key and it works “like a charm”…he he! :smiley:

(S_W) #9

The enter key works fine on my computer…
Great game, but a little bit slow. :wink:
Keep it up!

(gargola) #10

thanx S_W! :smiley:

(Yamyam) #11

I like it. But I think Player’s collision between enemys is too big to enjoy playing.
If you can, see the Pac-man type games.