Pegasus --concept motorcycle.

So – I have been making a movie (see signature)
eventually I will need a new bike… so I started.

Probably wont update this real quick, don’t need the bike for at least 10 scenes in the future…

but hey … here are some concepts
these are the 2 finalist sideview concepts

I liked the front end of this one

I liked the back end of this one

So I merged the two and started filling in the silhouette

This is a really cool concept. Can’t wait to see the finished result

Just an update. Laying out the basic proportions

update. Added suspension and wheel detail.
Pegasus model by dx3_1979, on Flickr
Pegasus model 1 by dx3_1979, on Flickr
prop5 by dx3_1979, on Flickr

I think it needs a second parallel pipe in the body. Traditionally engines are mounted between two frame pipes. Additionally, if this was a real motor cycle, it would probably twist the frame along it’s long axis.

Looking good except for one thing

the handle bar rod coming from the spring is totally wrong… how can a spring suspension work if a rod is sticking out like that, it becomes ineffective

the handle bar should be connected directly to the front wheel

I appreciate the comments! First – regarding the handlebars – I really have only started thinkin about them. I don’t intend to permanently attach them to the spring – the idea is that they are adjustable, where the handles can be in position here which is more of an agile position, they can move further down bringing his hands down and more extended/elbows locked into a power/speed position, or go up into a cruising position. I will have them attached to the front end, not the body frame eventually. The overall steering design is significantly different on this bike – turning requires a heavy lean which lower one front wheel and raises the other.

I do think I need to add another support beam – the engine itself is an interesting challenge. I actually planned on mounting it above the rear wheel to make room for some technology that goes in the middle body. This is at least one thing I am considering. That may get too bulky back there and I ll go back to the traditional engine under body design. It is a concept of high-tech nature, in a CG world, so traditional physics are only valid so long as they help the overall bike look cool. This is why art/animation is fun. Its my universe, I can obey what laws I feel like at the time.

Think I am finished with frame and basic material pallate. Not sure about the red rims. We will see.


Little action. Just need to finish the tail pipes/thrusters and I am calling it done.