Pelikone (Game Machine) advertisement


a while ago we made a TV-ad for a finnish gamesite called Pelikone (finnish for Game Machine).

The ad was done at Kombo, a finnish animation studio. I did the animation and some of the modeling. Everything was modelled and animated in Blender 2.49. Also the compositor was used to achieve the DoF and motion blur. Some additional compositing was done in AE.

Very nice !, Was the collisions physics or manually animated ?

Hi Jenifer,

everything was animated by hand, including the collisions.

Bam! This is a shameless bump.

I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts about the ad. It’s been showing for a few weeks now on TV in Finland.


Nothing shameless to bump this. I don’t know how I missed this. Very nice animation. Good timing and it’s not-in-your-face animation. 5 stars from me.