I havent been here in a long long time… I tend to lurk, and when I finally started blending again lurked some more… well here is what Ive come up with thanks! I hope to become much more active again

like it! Like a gold broach! can I see the wire?

my only crit would be the spec…seems a bit TOO bright. I love the model and the shading though nice nice.

Thank you both for the compliments and crits… I just now noticed that this isnt the critique section… and it should be there heh sorry, I plan on working on this model much more. I will update with a wireframe soon… If someone moves the topic.

Slight update, higher resolution, different angle (Swords are temporary.) Fixed his lips a bit and changed teh specularity.

Very nice :slight_smile: Cool concept.

Anduril!!! Two…Andurils…anyway, I love it man!!!

Lol yep thats the blade. Makes me happy you noticed. I made the models for both the sword and the symbol vertice by vertice… the tuts I was reading for face modeling just didnt cut it for me and im quite suprised with the results…