pen and pencil

hey, heres a pen and pencil i modeled one day because i was bored… tried to get it as “photoquality” as possible. i didnt know how to put the text on them like"Pilot G-2" or “Papermate” any suggestions?

Your pen and pencil seem to be floating, which doesn’t really do much for photorealism. Adding some shadows might help.

The texture on your pen doesn’t resemble anything I know. It looks to me like a cross-over between plastic and metal. I like your pencil a lot better. Though you could put some more work into the transparent material.

About the text: you’ll probably want to have a look at UV-mapping.

yes, the pen is a bit too shiny, i put on shadows and a spot light behind it to cast a shadow and pressed the shadow button, but its barely visible. does anyone know how i can make the shadow darker and more defined?


More light and a bit clearer surroundings, please. Or actually the better surroundings might be just enough.