Pen Tablet Advice

I’m going to buy a tablet. Of course I’d like the Intuos 5, $350, which seems to be the best out there:

But it’s a bit expensive. Considering their consumer model: Bamboo Create, $200:

Thoughts? I’m only a professional in that I sell models on Turbosquid, and make enough money ($330 in March), that I’d like to see how far I can go. Otherwise, I’m just a 3d enthusiast. Thoughts?

Hi, I use a the first version of the Bamboo, I have for years now and it completely replaces the mouse, for photo editing, general 3D work, and just about everything I do with computer. I think they are great and would never go back to dragging a brick around my desk all day. I would like a more full featured wacom but I have never said “if only I had a better tablet, I could do this” Drop the mouse pick up a stylus, faster, easier, you won’t go back to the brick.

How particular are you? I get along fine with a $50 medion, some people want the wacom name though. (yes I know the medion needs a battery in the pen, but I’m still $30 ahead from a bamboo with about 4x the tablet size)

Thanks all. I think I’ll go with the Bamboo.

Bought my bamboo create. Love it. One crit: the USB cable is extremely short - the drawing shows it being attached to a laptop. The bamboo attachment point for the usb is tiny, so I didn’t just have a longer one sitting around. It’s a real problem, so be aware. Otherwise it works really well. Played with model painting last night a bit. Very nice. Recommended. $199, and you’ll probably have to replace the USB cable.

I advice you to try different sizes before you buy, if you can. A lot of people, including me, are very comfortable with the smaller versions. I’m very happy with my smallest+cheapest Wacom model… I guess it’s the predecessor to the current Connect.
Except it has touch-support, which turned out to be a complete waste for me.
The only thing I miss from Intous is the extra pressure levels. It really feels a lot more precise and sensitive to light touches.