“Pen” vs Primitives modeling

What do you all think is the best way to model?

I’ve seen people take a reference photo and mimic a pen tool, where they “draw” by creating one vector and extruding it to create the outlines. And I’ve also seen people start with a primitive, and model with the tools that way.

Pen example

Tell me what you think.

It depends on the model. One way is better for another.

Can you elaborate? When is it better? What kind of model is best for pen or primitive?

Giving the task of making a 3d model is called a “problem”. The artist, the 3d model maker needs to solve that problem. Although there may be many ways to solve the problem, the 3d artist will choose one way of solving it. Each problem is different, and may have different ways to solve it. It’s up to the 3d artist to pick the one best for that specific problem.

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