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tell me what you think:

created in blender 2.25, exported to VirtuaLight, and then rendered, a little bit of post-processing was done in corel photo-paint.

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…uh…words fail me

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nice 8)

(adyus) #3

a texture(a company’s name or something…) would look good on that bare side…
othre than that, great work! I gotta start exporting to raytracers someday!

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thanks everyone… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(valarking) #5

Nice, not photoreal yet. Here’s my suggestion:
The lighting’s kinda weird. It’s getting the most light on the left side, but there’s also a shadow cast on the left side. I think the pen looks too clean and bare of anything.

Nice nice start, but it’s not finished yet! :wink:

(Serifiz) #6

I agree with above. It needs some character like a logo or something.
The raytracing is something I need to try.

It looks really good, but almost too clean.

I’m no expert in materials, but it looks like you are going for stainless steel or a gun metal material not a chrome pen. (not the gold parts)
Most stainless steels are polished and you can see the polish marks/ scratches when you look at a pen this close. If you are going for a gun metal, it has a darker chrome look with some swirls or streaks due to the oil in the metal.

(pofo) #7

I could be wrong, but I think I see some jaggedness due to low subdivision on the gold ring in the middle.
Also, many ballpoint pens don’t draw the tip in very far. In that case it should show a bit from this angle.
Still, it’s a good looking pen.

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superb dittohead 8) !!!