Pencil Character needs some help

ok…I have been looking all over the forums for some help with this one. I have a pencil character that I created. His eyes are deformed with lattices and animated with ipo drivers and hooks. My problem is when I animate my Ika chain the eyes just sit there even though they are parented to the ika chain. One good suggestion is all I need. Thanks!

Not sure exactly what you mean but I think what you need to do is parent the Lattices to the armature, not the eyes. When you move the lattice, the eye goes with it.

If this doesn’t help, you’ll need to provide more information and maybe a screenshot of what you’ve done. Calvin’s tutorial in the tutorial forum might help too (though I haven’t read it myself).

FYI: This would have better asked in the Support>Animation forum since you aren’t actually showing us a work in progress.

Sorry for the confusion… I Will put some pics up so you can see my problem and offer any other crits that may help

Ok…This is the resting pose and everything looks fine

When I Move my armatures the lattices don’t move with them even though I have them parented to the armature. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again for your help!

Calvins tutorial was great and I used a lot of the info for my character. I don’t know if the conflict I am having is because my character is rigged. In his blend file the eyes stay with the body fine, but again there is no rigging.

Anyone have a suggestion od making the eraser a little more realistic?

I Also tried parenting the lattice to the mesh and had the same problem.

Took a minute to do a simple rig of calvins character and the same thing happens. Once you parent the body to the armature the eyes no longer move with the body. Maybe I am trying to do something that blender isn’t made for yet.

I can see no reason why this should be any different to eyes in a normal “humanoid” mesh - it’s just vertices, bones and lattices.

From the pics it looks like the eyes went further than the bone (ie. the bone leaned to the right but the eyes moved further than the pencil body??). Or is the picture deceiving? Can you post a .blend anywhere? I’m intrigued.

I’ve just done a very quick test which I think recreates your basic setup. I resized the default cube to a rough pencil proportion. I subdivided it so it could bend in the middle and named two vertex groups (top and bottom). I added an armature with two bones and parented the “pencil” to it (don’t create groups) and named the bones to match the vertex groups (I made the armature modifier real - just my way of doing it - but I forgot to deselect envelopes or vert groups though it didn’t matter in this case). I added two spheres then added two lattices around them. I parented the spheres to the lattices then parented the lattices to the top bone (select the bone, not the whole armature). I sized the lattices to deform the eyes then rotated the top bone. The eyes moved as expected.

Perhaps you parented the lattices to the armature instead of just one bone (I wasn’t clear about that im my earlier post). To parent to the top bone, go into pose mode, deselect bones. Select the lattice then the bone, then parent (to bone).

If it’s getting messy, maybe try selecting all in object mode and pressing alt-P to remove all parents then start from the … start.

Nice looking character by the way. Love the specs. I certainly hope you do get him to behave.

Any chance of putting up a .blend? I bet that if you Parented the Main body of the pencil to the Eyes they would follow. Although it would parent a mesh to a mesh possibly hurting easy deformation…

I bet that if you Parented the Main body of the pencil to the Eyes they would follow.

No. Parenting body to eyes would be back to front but parenting mesh to mesh either way won’t do it (parenting to eye to a vertex on the body might work but it seems unnecessary).

I think that all you need to do is to make the bone to be the parent of the eyes… (as the andy said :))
Put the armature in pose mode and then add the eyes as a child to the nearest bone, that should work…

If you add objects as a child in a armature, it wont work in the pose mode unless its added in the pose mode :slight_smile:

and what comes to the eraser, try adding a bumpmap to it, some very small noise or something

hope this helps…

THat Did it!!! Thanks a lot AndyD. Such a simple solution. I had been parenting to the Armature and not the individual bone. Again, seems so simple now but I guess that all part of learning blender. Thanks Again

Excellent. Remember too that when you animate the eyes, you key the lattice for deformations but key the eyeballs for rotations (or whatever you use to control eye rotations).

I can’t wait to see him animated. He actually reminds me of a logo I used as a graphic artist around 18 years ago!