Pencil Drawing - Aircraft concept Sketch

Hi guys …

this is 2 sheet of concept aircraft I did few days ago…for practice…after do some I will render one into painter or photoshop i think

here they are


see you …and if one interest you… feel free to have a go to blender it :smiley:

<— drops dead

Man awsome style and concepts. I really would love to see these made into 3D too bad I dont have time for blender anymore.

really nice! I definitly save them to my inspiration folder. If I get around at making them one day I’ll let you know!

I think I will try my hand at the top left on the second page… (cause it looks most like one that would fly with todays technolodgy)

Think I will spend tonight, maybey some time other where… no promises I will ever finish it though…

wish me luck

nice concepts!

it looks though, like your boxing lines are parrallel, and not perspective?

I’ll model one of them right now if you give me permission :wink:

anyways, top class work!

Very nice. I like 9 the most and then 4.

i’m suggesting a contest…many people seem to want to model it!

hi everybody

I’m glad than you like some of these aircraft… :smiley:

for who want make a model …just do it …I will not able to model all and that’s not my target for this stuff at this point…

Traitor : I don’t get what your mean about boxing lines…all of the guide line are in perspective but as is freehand drawing maybe line work are not so accurate…

4go10soul : hey a contest should be fun …and why not make a free librairie model ressource for the blender user… :slight_smile:

here a few more quicky sketch…pencil/ball pen and marker to indicate some value…

enjoy :slight_smile:

I love your style ! The drawings are great :D. And you say those are quick sketches? Wow, What are the long focused on projects…
Its a great source of inspiration for many blenderheads . Thanks for sharing.

These are excellent concepts. You seem to have a style half-way between Feng Zhu and Scott Robertson.

Im making one as I type, check it out in WIP

very very very very nice
I wish i was good enough in blender to do these things justice

Oooh, very nice concept sketches. You’ve got skills. 8)

Will have a go at modeling one of them, thanks for the opportunity. :smiley:


Deep respect. I’m reminded of Scott Robertson. Just lacks some more accuracy. Perspectives are a little skewed (but i have the same problem with less complex things …)