Pencil drawing of a woman

Just wanted to share with you fellow blenders a drawing I did some time ago:

Its pencil and then some DeluxePaint work (to smooth it) on my Amiga 4000 (if anyone of you are interested in such info:)

Now back to some WWII flyin again…

Im not seeing a pic. :frowning: never mind, it appears to work now. Wow, good shading. Good use of charcoal. Nice.

Beautiful work.

The hair could be smoothed out a bit IMO, but the rest is fantastic.


apart from the hair, cgtalk/eatpoo quality work!!! tumbs up! :o

Linda Evangilista? Very nice

Thanks guys!

Ill see if I can get something done to the hair.

cree: Yepp, thats Linda :slight_smile:

hmmm, beautiful!

I am not so sure about that dark stain on her back though… :smiley:

danm real, except for the black part. it realy seems like a black and white photo

Dont blame me, blame the lighting :stuck_out_tongue: but i do agree though, it looks dark, but thats how it was on the photo i was looking at

question: is that a worked photo, or u copied a photo by hand, if u did man u are a genius!

Nice work. I really don’t understand why you chose to smooth it with software. Softer lead ( how hard was that pencil?) and some controlled smudging would do the trick. The software “smoothing” gave her body an effect resembling watercolor.

I placed the picture from a tabloid magazine in front of me, looked at it and drew on a blank sheet of paper under my hand. No tracing, and no genius :slight_smile: but thanks anyway!

I just thought my drawing was way too grainy when I had it scanned so I smoothed the skin in DeluxePaint. Did some fingersmudging with the soft lead first, but still too grainy when on screen.

I needed (and still do) alot of practice with my drawings, but lately, time and interest have been invested elsewhere… bad call i guess… but oh well. Perhaps when I retire in 40 years or so I will just draw, paint and build radio controlled planes :slight_smile: