pencil drawing - tutorial link added

I made the pics after reading a lightwave tut

really cool… but did you do that in blender… I realise that it was a lightwave tutorial… but dot you just do the same things over in blender? if so where is this tutorial? I have been messing around with non-photorealistic rendering lately and i’d like to try that…


do you have any link for that lightwave tutorial please ?

ty :slight_smile:

i believe it’s the good link

seen on Oyster’s web page :wink:

I donno about the original lw tut. I think that one on chinavfx is a copy.
Here is my tut for blender.
I know chinavfx and my tut are in Chinese, but a pic says thousands words. You, at least Joh@n_, can read Chinese very well, right? :wink:

not a word Oyster :smiley:

i’ve just clicked on every link i saw on ur blog LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway Oyster thank you :smiley: