pencil drawn smoke possible?

hey I’m trying to do a little pencil drawn styled animation on blender using a compositing technique that i saw in a tutorial (sorry i dont remember the page) and I cant do the smoke correctly i want it similar to the image attached (help.jpg) but when i try to do it with the smoke it only shows me black dots (smoke.jpg). does anyone know what to do?

sorry if im not very clear


The reason that your smokes renders as little speckles is because that’s what it really is. The smoke is made up of tons of tiny particles close enough to give it a full look. The only thing I can think to fix this is to modify the way you create this effect, or turn down the step size of your smoke material to something VERY low.

thx radialronnie i tried turning the step size down but it didnt work :confused: maybe its just the way the smoke sim works. so im gonna try using the fluid sim to get my effect since its cartoony and not very detailed it might work if i can get a cloud effect going on idk

try changing step calculation from ‘random’ to ‘constant’