Pencil or Synfig? (For story board, planning actions out before doing 3D...)

I need a good 2D animation software I can get for free that can create good animation before I animate it in Blender… Plus I might want to make an Anime style animation, just for fun…

Thanks… Does anyone know where I can get a good but cheep tablet? Good Brand? I don’t mind buying used if it works… And I want a tablet that I can see where it is about to put a line before I actually apply preasure to draw a line…


Also are there any good tutorials for Synfig… (PS I haven’t downloaded it yet…)

Well, my aiptek isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it is handy. I got mine used for 20$ for a 8 1/12" x 11". Considering it’s the size of my monitor, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s definitely useful.

If I had more money, I’d have gotten a wacom though. Those things beat sliced bread hands down :wink:

Considering I never really do animations, I don’t know much about synfig, I’m downloading it now to take a look at it though. Inkscape works pretty well for stills. (Inkscape and import the SVG into blender, awesomeness in a can.)

Thanks, Kannon…

Can any one else offer me some assistance…

Why is there no surge of SVG animations on the web? Firefox never views the SVG animations correctly(Guess I need to about:config to see what’s up someday).

SVG is not exploding onto the scene like I had thought it would a few years ago when I d.loaded Amaya(Animated SVGs work fine in Amaya).

Does Synfig allow the use of a tablet… And would you recommend it for a windows user? Any good tutorials for Synfig I can look at before I download so I can see if I actually want to download it…


dukytyme, I believe it might have to do with the lack of variety in svg animation software, there’s pretty much two on the market both of which are geared towards mobile phone content only.

Not to mention none of which run under linux, I’ve been crying myself to sleep at night in hopes that soon enough there’ll be a decent open source application that we can remedy the situation with.

greenleaf, For traditional animation Pencil is the only decent open source tool we got.
Still no linux port, (WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?!! -whimper-)

Personally I’ve been using pencil and paper, and often GIMP to do the storyboard, and I found I could animate them into a rough animatic using Blender.

Why Pencil over Synfig, it sounds like Synfig is more proffessional and has more features and can tween the inbetween frames… I use Windows, what is the best 2D Animation software that can be gotten for free for Windows… Does anyone know where I can get a cheep but good tablet?

And how would you animate with Pencil and Paper, would I need any special equiptment?

I personally prefer pencil over synfig.
The only reason why I looked into 2d tools is b/c i wanted something to replicate pencil and paper, thats what pencil can do. it can do it quick/ easy, and buggy… but besides that it allows for a way so that i can make sure that the way the ball bounces, or the person walks is right without having to render it 50 times.
synfig is probably an amazing program but everytime i’ve tried to fiddle with it just doesnt appeal to me. I wouldnt suggest using a tablet using synfig since its more technical. pencil is good for that if you want to use the non vector side of it, the only side of it i use.
tablets are great for pixel related work, or 3d sculpting. but vectors are more technical and I’ve havent been able to figure out a way to properly use one.

Synfig is awesome. I think when they eventually iron out the crash thing, and improve export/export formats, this would serve most anyones workflow.

The thing is, if you are good with beziers, then Synfig is a fast tool for you. But, you can import work in and apply layer operations on them and the whole project can be rendered as supreme quality.

I draw better with regular old pencil, then flatbed scanner. Synfig could help me out a lot. Though, my idea would be to create a complete scene in Blender then render it toon-shader-style, then import animation into an application…I have not found a workflow for this yet. I think Blender can export Vector format…not sure. But if so, then Inkscape/Synfig,Expressions3 (cannot import vectors…but only output vectors via AI/SWF)could be a 2D pipeline to reckon with.

Import and export of vector formats could be the Excalibur-like-schwing that Synfig needs.