I figured I needed some practice, so I made this quick scene in half an hour. Thought I might as well share it with you:

Hope you like it!!!

Richard :slight_smile:

Not bad for only half an hour. Not too bad of a texturing job either. But I would suggest scaling the floor plane till it covers the entire screen. Having it stop halfway though the image kinda ruins it you know? Looks good though! And some of the shadows look a bit off, took me a while to see it though. But it looks like it is good practice, I might have to try this sometime.

Well, thank you!!! :slight_smile: You’re really right about the table, and I’ll be using that piece of advice on future projects. As far as the shadows are concerned, I had turned approximating AO on, so that the test renders wouldn’t delay so much, and I forgot to put raytraced AO on the final one. Here’s the fixed render:

Any others critics are greatly welcome.

Again, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Pretty good texturing. The only thing I have to add is the lead seems a little too thick on the blue one and doesn’t really match the size of the red lead.