This is was a very basic render. I took me 15 minutes to make the pencil (Duplicated it) and about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to render.

Rendered in Cycles

Still new to Blender. This is still just my first week. So, I don’t do anything too complicated. I try though and that’s what matters.

I’d love to hear feedback from you guys and maybe some suggestions of what I should try to do next? :slight_smile:


Hello good start and welcome to blender world :). I think that the next thing to try depend on you but whatever you chose have a lot of fun from it. Hope to see more work of you soon.

Lol. This is so cute and honest. Nice start really. :slight_smile:
I wish you luck and have fun learning Blender. It will be really hard and go through a lot of issues and problems to solve… but Never Give Up! :smiley:

Thanks guys, I didn’t come to blender expecting to make nice cars and humans etc with over 1k Polys. I come for a start in 3D modeling so I can start from the basics and work my way up.

I was proud that I made these pencils it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

It came down to getting a simple 8 segment cylinder. and extruding it and scaling it to make the pencil.

Thanks for the compliments and replies and I’ll keep blending.

1K polys is low for pretty much anything, but if you’re doing this in just your first week than you’ll be working your way up fast.

Yeah I just said 1k to get the point across but, I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing now. In fact I have a simple house that I’m going to post up in a minute or two.

Great start to modelling in Blender!

Using image textures can really enhance the look of your models. I suggest learning about and using image textures in your future work.
I love to look at the artwork of people who are at the same stage I was half a year ago.

Keep learning and remember you can always learn more when it comes to 3D animations and models.

Yeah I know how to UV unwrap and map a texture to a model. I just thought that the Diffuse/ glossy setup I had for these pencils worked for right now. But I appreciate the advise! thanks!