Penelope - a short film character

Hello, this is a character and environment practice I created for a short film Im working on - Heroes of Bronze set in Ancient Greece.
It shows one of the main characters, Penelope.Any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

I used Fuse CC for the character base mesh, modeled the rest in Blender 2.8, texturing done in Substance painter and some cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer…
I used some Poliigon textures as well as trees generated in Grove addon.

You can learn more about the project as well as find some tutorials here


Really beautiful work! I like your project, connecting history with art. The videos from you on youtube are very good, too. Following with interest!

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Oh thank you so much!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Martin, great job really!

You strength is that you work and spent time on learning different softwares, which gives you good results!

I’m same, practicing with still images with a short film as a final goal, so I’m looking forward to see how you short film creation development will go!! ^^

Concerning you image, I’d have to points I personally feel could be improved:

  1. The eyes of Penelope. Her look doesn’t seem quite right to me. Although it’s the most important in the character to convey attitude and emotions.

  2. The background seem disconnected from foreground. I feel the light and color temperature are not the same.

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Oh, thanks so much for the feedback! I will try to do something about it, I am currently working on the final, polished version and trying to improve upon this wip :slight_smile:

nice, think that u should open her leg more.

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