penguin and weird morning excercises

I needed the little penguin model rigged, so I did a quick fix for the mesh, then rigged it, and did some strech motions to try out deformations and limits of the rig… I usually do this by a quick animation…

anyways, it just looked so weird I decided to post it :slight_smile:

next, you will be seeing him flying in the wind, in middle of snow storm…


Haha, that’s a flexible, little friend :D. Sweet!

Cute :slight_smile:


really nice! waiting to see it riding the clouds…

heh. thanks.

i meant to actually include the armature setup there too, but seem to have forgotten it. here’s another mpeg, showing that on top of the rendering.

idea was to have fast, simple, quick to animate armature… so for the animation seen here, I only had to use the three bones. head, and one for each wing. the wing bones are not only ik solvers, they also control the rotation of the tip of the wing… (or hand, if it was human model).

same goes for head bones. and, as they are iksolvers, they are not locked to the rest of the armature, and thus can be used to strech the character … :slight_smile:

if I would like to move the feet, then, there are two bones for those too, but those are not used here (obviously).


I dunno what kinda drugs this guy is on… but they seem like fun.
And I don’t even do drugs.

Hey, how do you know what I’m doing every morning to get rid of those tensions from sleep? :wink:

Cool animation!

basse: this is hilarious and very cute too.